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It's bigger than "Curb Appeal," It's about finding and transforming homes
to dramatically increase their lifestyle AND monetary value .

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Innovation & Impact

It goes without saying; your home is your most valuable investment (other than children and relationships, but that's a different discussion). And the value you derive is more than the equity you accumulate. The LIFE you live and enjoy, with your family, friends and neighbors, is the essence of this value. And the more LOVE you pour into the life of your home, the more equity you will realize when it comes time to transition.

I can help you identify, great homes that may be underperforming their potential. Oftentimes, it's very small details that can separate mundane from magnificent. Doors, windows, finishes, flows, ceilings, lighting—these are all vitally important moments in every house. Let's get busy living!


Fully Responsive

Communication is key. Time is of the essence. And I love to communicate. Try me, I'll respond.


Powerful Options

Do you want to sell your place? Do you want to buy a place? There is lots of talk of economic uncertainty and interest rates, but here's an observation: What if you were able to get a 30 year fixed mortgage? Where else can you be certain of having the same payment 30 years from now? A 30 year fixed interest rate / fixed payment is a remarkable thing. It is yours to have.


Unified Field Theory

Art School, Advertising, Awards, I should know something about aesthetics. Choosing colors? I get it, it can be overwhelming, But all you need is a "Unified Field Theory" to narrow it down to where is it you want to end up? In Mid-Century Modern "Meet George Jetson?" or "Barefoot Contessa Cleanville?"


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